Python edges out C and Java

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Python edges out C and Java

April 1, 2017 Uncategorized 0

As Spectrum IEEE notes, the top four languages — Python, C, Java, and C++ — are close in popularity and remain unchanged from the previous ranking. Swift’s rise meanwhile mirrors the demise of Apple’s Objective-C.

The order shifts slightly when weighted for demand by employers. Here, Java leads, followed by C, Python, C++, JavaScript, C#, PHP, HTML, Ruby, and Swift.

Though some might argue HTML is a markup rather than a language, IEEE Spectrum defends its inclusion since “HTML is used by coders to instruct computers to do things”.

The open source ranking is also lead by Python. Filling out the top 10 in descending order were C++, Java, C, Swift, C#, JavaScriipt, HTML, Ruby, and Go.

TIOBE earlier this awarded Google’s Go the top language award not because it was the most popular but the fastest growing.

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